Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 1 CTCC#1

Weight 58.8kg (omg!) 
My first day attempt at my first Cut The Crap Commitment (CTCC#1): To choose healthy work lunch.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was once accused of not taking action for a mom who thought her daughter was being bullied in my home. Instead of accusing blindly, I sought out to know what had happened, giving a fair chance (to whom she accused) to tell their side of the story.  It turned out to be a miscommunication. By the time I wanted to clear the air, I was suddenly accused by the mom of being not a good friend, apparently because I supported the bully. 

But when I tried to understand what she meant, I googled what bullying can actually mean and this is what I found:

Bullying is any form that causes damage to a victim’s psyche and/or emotional well-being. Examples include:

  • spreading malicious rumors about people
  • keeping certain people out of a "group"
  • getting certain people to "gang up" on others (It also could be considered physical bullying)
  • ignoring people on purpose - the silent treatment, also known as 'Sending to Coventry'
  • harassment
  • provocation

So at the end of the day, who's the actual big bully now????

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

SW Day 1 Meals

1 cup Milo (6syns)
+ 40ml Alpro Soya Milk

Heinz Baked Beans
1 slice toasted white bread (6syns)
1/2 tsp butter Lurpak Light (1.5syns)

2x apples

Dinner: Free

Supper: Free
SW 3-colour Carbonara Pasta

My Slimming Goal

1 Feb 2012
Today is my first day on my SW diet. It's not really an ideal day to start as I am off on sick leave. I'm still not 100% recovered from my cold. It's also my first day of venturing on the lifeline web and finding out on which food are free and which are syns.

I am particularly shocked that my daily dose of Herbalife and Milo takes 11.5 syns already from syns allowance. So it is really a matter of replacing the junk I usually take in with something healthier (free food). I am quite nervous to be honest because I have a feeling all my Malaysian favourites will be syns. This also means I have to start cooking by myself and won't be able to eat Mama's lovely home made meals anymore.

My start weight is 9stones and 13lbs (63kg) and I am hoping to be 53kg by the time we leave for New York, i.e 1 June 2012. Hence I want to lose 10kg in 4 months - that's 2.5kg per month, at least 0.625kg (1.4lb) a week!

I also need to do a grocery overhaul and start thinking of stocking up with free foods instead of syns.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Haidan's chocolate drama

At about 9pm last night, I was telling Haidan off to bed and being a cheeky monkey he was, he sneaked into his Nenek's room and took a bite on one of the posh chocs we had left. 5 mins after that, his lips started to swell:

Not too long after that his lips was swollen and his eyes starts watery and itchy.

10 mins later, Haidan's face was swollen including the white eye. Obviously, by then we rushed him off to hospital.

Turned out he got an allergic reaction to the posh chocs he had..... Sigh, looks like you just have to settle with cheap chocs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiger Crossing

Mama: Haidan, this is called a 'Zebra crossing' because of the black and white stripes. Haidan: Oh.... (Moments later, with full excitement on his face) Haidan: Mama, look! That's called a 'Tiger Crossing' because of the black and yellow stripes!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Busy Me

Since I got back from KL, it has been busy ever since. I start work full time and by the time balik, sure terbabas tidur with Haidan and Hairee- most of the time si Mama yang berdengkur dulu while trying to get the boys to sleep lah kannnn... eheh.

I meant to blog sooner as lots of things have happened and it's such a shame if I don't record it somewhere.

Well, hopefully will be able to catch up. It's going to be a bit busier this coming weeks with Haidan's party preparations- yes, my Haidan is turning 4 next week. How time flies is beyond me. My little baby is a big boy now, no longer a toddler.... Sigh.

It just seems like yesterday I held him like a baby (with his e-ting and all).

Haidan & Hairee

..... On 11.11.11